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28-05-2023 CACIB Pinkstershow (NL) / Keurmeester: Mw. P. Burunkai (HU)
Jongste Puppyklasse

6 months old female in correct size for her age.
Feminine head, elgeant neck
Correct topline and underline
Parallel leg, nice ridge, round feet
Correct ribcage for her age.
Very friendly temperament.
Moves well
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27-05-2023 BRRC Ridgeback Specialty (B) / Keurmeester: Mr. T. Trinic (CRO)
Jongste Puppyklasse

6 months old
nice type of the head, good position of the ears.
correct bite, excellent neck
very good position of the shoulder
very good topline
excellent croupe
moderated angulations of the rear
excellent lengt of neck
excellent frontcheast
excellent in te movement
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29-04-2023 SRA Hoisdorf (D) / Keurmeester: Mw. S. Kuralt (SLO)
Jongste Puppyklasse

5 months old female.
Overall nicely developed
Feminine head, nice expression
Nice setted ears
Good angulations front and behind
Good topline and underline
Nice setted tail, nice compact feet
Really nice female with lot of room for developing
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